What is Posture?

  • Posture is a reflection of the “position” of many systems that are regulated, determined and created through limited functional patterns.
  • These patterns reflect our ability and inability to breathe, rotate, and rest, symmetrically with the left and right hemispheres of our axial structure.

    – Ron Hruska, MPA, PT


Top 5 Warning Signs of Dysfunction

  • Uneven shoulder height
  • Fatigue
  • Low back and sacral iliac (SI) strain
  • Knee strain or pain
  • “Clicking” or “popping” hips


Top 5 Indications For Physical Therapy Assessment

  • Uneven shoulders and headaches
  • Un-evoked, premature, ongoing fatigue
  • Non-trauma oriented knee pain
  • Tight back muscles contributing to low back pain
  • Clicking, popping, snapping or noisy hips


Top 5 Indications For Physician Assessment

  • Referred pain down or into thighs and legs from low back
  • Un-evoked, premature, ongoing fatigue
  • Non-trauma oriented groin and knee pain with swelling
  • Hip swelling, bruising or sharp pain associated with a traumatic event to the hips
  • Dislocated joints associated with trauma



The rehabilitation approach used at Lakes Area Health Center will address any problems with the underlying biomechanics which can lead to pain or functional limitations that have developed due to postural habits, injuries, work and other influences.  Our Postural Restoration Certified therapists understand that the human body is asymmetrical in organ placement which affects our posture.  

On our right side we have a heavy liver and three lobes to our lungs and on our left side only two lobes to our lungs and a heart that is lighter than our liver which gravitationally pulls us to stand more on our right leg. The American culture also leads us toward right sided dominance whether we are right handed or left handed.  We drive with our right foot, shake hands with our right hand, and run around a track counterclockwise pushing more with our right leg, etc.  

These predetermined factors have led us to adapt and compensate, adjusting our ability and inability to breathe, rotate and rest symmetrically.  At Lakes Area Health Center, patients will receive an individualized exercise program to obtain plausible symmetry and optimize daily function.


Please visit the Postural Restoration Institute’s website for further information regarding the theory and practice.  You can visit their website here.