Treatment for chronic injuries, pain and arthritis.

Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection procedure. These injections are a safe, non-surgical treatment for chronic injuries, pain and arthritis. Pain from auto accidents, athletic injuries and the aging process is often caused from damage to the joints and connective tissues of the body. If they don’t heal properly, chronic degeneration and accelerated aging will occur. Prolotherapy injections stimulate the body’s immune response to repair, rebuild and strengthen damaged tissue.

Prolotherapy has been used to treat pain for almost sixty years. Up to 90% of patients received good-to-excellent results in pain relief and improved function. Treatment produces long-lasting relief by promoting the body to heal the damaged tissues. Alternatively, anti-inflammatory medications may actually slow or stop the healing process. Even if the injury that causes your pain happened years ago, prolotherapy may still be a great tool in allowing your body to heal and repair. Once these tissues heal, chronic pain may be completely eliminated.

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