NOTE:  For the medical safety and well-being of our patients, if your appointment is tied to a specific episode or symptom based issue, office staff will make a tentative appointment.  However, a follow up phone call from a medical professional will be made for confirmation to insure the best and safest appointment option for you.  

Appointments for follow up care or standard health maintenance visits, will not likely require a follow up phone call.  If you’re concerned about your symptoms and would like a follow up call from a medical professional, please advise upon calling. 

NOWCare Clinic Services for Primary Healthcare Needs

Same day access to a health professional including medical, chiropractic, physical therapy and natural & traditional medical options.   

This may be through telepointment or clinic visit.  
Issues that can often be solved through our NOWCare program are:

For Children and Adults
Earn, nose and throat conditions
Painful urination or infections
Flu shots and immunizations
Sports and work physicals
Exercise and diet clearance physicals
Bio-metric workup and screening for insurance
Quitting tobacco use
Severe headache treatment including migraines
Stomach pain

Prostitus – inflammation of the prostate
Acid reflex
Allergic reactions – seasonal allergy treatment
Joint pain
Arthritis treatment
Back pain
Sexually Transmitted Disease screening and treatment
Contraception and family planning
Gynecological and reproductive services
Health maintenance and wellness
Lab draws
Diabetes and Diabetes Screening
Sleep related issues including insomnia & sleep apnea
Sexual dysfunction

Minor Illnesses

Allergy Symptoms
Sore Throat or Strep Throat

Ear Ache / Swimmer’s Ear
Sinus Congestion
Bladder Infection
Upper Respiratory Infection
Cough or Bronchitis
Ear Wax Removal
Itchy Eyes
Nasal Congestion
Pink Eye
Skin Conditions

Minor Injuries

Minor Cuts
Minor Burns
Sprains and Strains
Suture and Staple Removal
Bug and Tick Bites
Bruise / Minor Abrasions
Splinter Removal
Wound Check

Basic Health Screenings

Wellness Exams
Cholesterol Screenings
Diabetes Monitoring
High Blood Pressure Checks
Camp and Sports Physicals

Wellness Visits

College Physicals
Sports Physicals
Ear Wax Removal
EpiPen Prescription Refills
Pregnancy Evaluations and Testing
Blood Pressure Check
Travel Health Check
Motion Sickness Treatment
Tuberculosis Testing
Hgb A1C Testing


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